_Quality Assurance tools


Quality Assurance tools


Our Lokalization Project Managers take command of your project from the very first moment, they ensure that all the project requirements and deadlines will be met and they rise the bar so as your project will be lokalized with the quality levels required nowadays.

We start every project collecting reference materials and preparing the team.

We select the same translators working on the same project or the most appropriate translators for a new one.



We continuously make adjustments to reach quality through different quality assurance tools.

We make good use of current CAT & QA tools and Project Management software so as every single word will be error-free tracked and invoiced considering the proper range of matches or repetition.


One of the lokalization pillars is a fluent communication among all the involved teams. Others are the quality assurance, the promptness in terms of job acceptance and delivery, the commitment to strict deadlines, and the assurance of confidentiality.

The typical workflow is as follows:

Lokalization Project Manager

Our Lokalization Project Manager collects and sorts out all the lokalization assets and prepares the translatable files.

Integral Project Management

Throughout our integral Project Management system, we track every job so as every minor batch requiring translation will be delivered properly and on time, priorizing the same day turnaround jobs and registering for invoicing purposes in detail as well.

Termbases and Translation

Puntually, all the translated assets and updates are kept in glossaries, termbases and translation memories so as consistency and coherence will be assured during the whole lokalization process.

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