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We have been in the game since 2004… That’s nearly two decades of localizing hundreds of titles for different clients, audiences and platforms. We know about games.

Maximize your ROI for Localization with us! The good news for indie developers or non-giant publishers is that we put all our insight, flexibility, commitment and agility in your non triple-A project, a solid advantage at a great affordable price.

Due to Non Disclosure Agreements, we are not allowed to disclose many of the titles localized by us, but we can name some of our major localization projects without being ruined in a court of law.

In the projects section you can find some of our latest AAA localizations.



Throughout nearly two decades working in localization, we have seen a great variety of genres and this is our main criteria when allocating our resources for a new project.

We have translated and reviewed millions of words and tackled hundreds of (typical and not-so-typical) localization difficulties.

We are project-oriented at every milestone of the videogame localization process. Projects first regardless their size.


Every localization project is an exciting challenge for us regardless of its genre, volume or budget. Our clients give their projects their all, and we work extremely hard to provide them with the best final product we can.

Our major achievement is to be in the second row of this industry after so many years, helping to create videogames that connect and immerse the audience in a gaming experience from every personal, local, regional, global, and cultural point of view. Our major thanks is for those managers and project managers that have trusted us with their projects of all sizes and budgets.

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