Lokalize… with a «k«

We localize with a «k» in mind… we are keen on games… we keep issues away from all the teams involved (Mkt, LT, QA)… we kick off your videogame localization project with the best quality guarantees.

We are lokalizers

We are lokalizers… We are linguists… We are gamers. Our insight comes from more than a decade localizing more than 500 titles of all sizes and complexity.

We are gamers

We know how to best localize your videogame project while keeping in line with your localization or production budget.

We are your partner

Simple and project-oriented. We… Lokalize… your Games.

Press to localize

There are many literature about the unparalleled benefits of localization in the Internet. A solid localization will be well noticed and much appreciated by your loyal or potential gamers, but a weak localization will also make the difference in comparison to your competitors.

Select language

Welcome to the localization acronym world.

We typically localize into EFIGS and, depending on the genre, budget or localization plan, into PT (PT/BR), ESMX, LATAM and RU.

When descriptions or metadata jobs are required, we commonly localize online store contents up to 13 languages (including PL, DA, FI, NO, SO, AR, TR, ZH and KO)

Now it’s up to you deciding how far you can reach your audience!

video game localization

Select level

From the very first steps preparing and managing initial reference materials and resources to the final promotional or SEO stage, we will come with you all along the lokalization milestones.

We will be your seasoned partner for translation, transcreation and lokalization of scripts, pickups, ad-libs, onscreen, ingame, manual, packaging, marketing, online and SEO.

You set the difficulty, we solve it.

Game mode

We enter several game modes when working in every project.

Initial Game mode.

Happiness mode, we’ve been selected for lokalizing a videogame project, no matter the size or the genre, we’ve been selected!

Working In Progress mode.

We prepare our resources (reference materials, glossaries, style guides, lokalization assets) and select the best lokalizers for the project. During the whole lokalization, we keep a solid workflow among all the teams involved (translators, proofreaders, LPMs, LT, Mktg, etc.)

Sign Off mode.

Before completing your project, we collect and harmonize the translations memories and termbases in use. We prepare these valuable assets for the next level, your next title, your next success!

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